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Registration/Conference Questions

Why are registrants required to select sessions? It's a matter of logistics. The classrooms in the Frances Anderson Center (a former elementary school) are small and therefore have limited capacity.

The session I want is full. Is there a wait list? We do not offer individual Sat/Sun session wait lists. Wait lists are only available for full conference days after the conference sells out.  

Some of the available sessions are not relevant to my writing. Do I still have to select a session? Yes. You will not otherwise be able to complete your registration. We encourage you to keep an open mind to the benefit of attending a session that is not your first choice. The following comments are examples of the feedback we receive every year about attending a second-choice session:

“This session was a gift and unexpected blessing. I chose it because it was the only session available. It’s not my genre, however the presenter did such a great job of comparing all kinds of writing, I was very grateful to be with him for an hour.”

“The presenter was fantastic! Helpful information for even a non-romance writer like me. It expanded my horizons.”

“I figured I go because it was all that was available, but I’m now inspired to try my hand at writing a Children’s book!

Are there scholarships available, or an opportunity to volunteer?
WOTS does not have a scholarship program, nor does the arts commission offer an opportunity to attend the conference in exchange for volunteerism.

Why doesn't WOTS offer pitch sessions with agents or publishers? The conference was created by the Edmonds Arts Commission, whose purpose is to support, promote and advocate the creation of, and participation in all disciplines of art. Maintaining the conference’s focus on the craft of writing is in keeping with the commission’s mission.

Can I arrange to have my books sold at the on-site bookshop? Book sales at the on-site shop are available only to conference presenters and speakers. WOTS offers a Resource Table, located in the hall outside the bookshop, where anyone can leave print materials promoting their publications or services. 

Can I register in person with check? WOTS registration is only available online through a third-party service (Cvent). Attendees may select an option to pay by check when they register online. We cannot process in-person registrations as the Edmonds Parks and Recreation Department does not have access to Cvent. If you would like or need assistance, please call our office at 425-771-0228. 

Why does WOTS use a third-party service to process registrations? The large server and security capacity required to process registrations is not available through City of Edmonds systems. 

I’ve registered for other events through Cvent before, but I do not see the same options for WOTS. Cvent offers various service packages. The WOTS service contract is a basic registration package that does not include additional application options, such as messaging, appointments, hotel and travel reservations.

Venue/Facility Questions

Why is the conference held at the Frances Anderson Center (FAC) and not a more suitable or larger conference venue? WOTS is a program of the City of Edmonds Arts Commission. As a program of the City, WOTS is not charged a venue rental fee to use a city facility. The cost savings is passed onto attendees by keeping registration fees low. 

Why is the Keynote held in another location? A space large enough to accommodate all attendees is not available in the FAC. 

Is the FAC and Plaza Room ADA accessible? Yes. Please contact our office at 425-771-0228 to discuss your needs.

Is there a message board where I can request a carpool, etc.? Attendees will need to arrange transportation to the first day of conference on their own. Once here, attendees can post messages on the Message Board across from the on-site bookshop. WOTS does not offer an online message board, or message app.


If your question was not answered here, don't hesitate to contact our office! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or call 425-771-0228.


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 35th annual conference
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Write on the Sound is a program of the City of Edmonds Arts Commission

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