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The following is a list of the 2018 Presenters:

Robert Balmer

Mining Your Life for Laughter, Sat Oct 6, 2:30pm

Jennifer Bardsley

Book Marketing from Your Couch: Social Media 101, Sun Oct 7, 1:45pm

Michelle Barker

Rookie Mistakes, Sat Oct 6, 10:45am

What She Said: Writing Effective Dialogue, Sun Oct 7, 1:45pm

Janée J. Baugher

The Art of Autobiographical Writing, Sat Oct 6, 9:15am

Poetry Critiques (By appointment, only. See Manuscript Critiques for information)

Cara Black

Keynote, Sat Oct 6, 1:15pm

Villians & Villianesses, Sat Oct 6, 4:00pm

Brian Callanan

Audiobooks: A New Chapter for Writers, Sun Oct 7, 3:15pm

Claudia Castro Luna

Memoir & Poetry, Sat Oct 6, 3:00pm

Scott Driscoll

Conflict, Crisis, Resolution, Fri Oct 5

Craig English

Print to Performance: Author Readings (informal roundtable), Sun Oct 7, lunch break

Dr. Frankenstein's Character Laboratory, Sun Oct 7, 3:15pm

Waverly Fitzgerald, moderator

It's All a Mystery: Mystery Genre Panel Discussion, Sun Oct 7, 1:45pm.

Claire Gebben

All is Not Lost: Tips and Techniques for Making the Most of Research, Sun Oct 7, 10:45am

Camille Griep

Mainstreaming of Speculative Fiction in Today's Market, Sun Oct 7, 10:45am

Leslie Hall & Christine Dubois

Writers Helping Writers: How to Get the Most Out of a Writer's Group, Sun Oct 7, 3:15pm

Lois V. Harris

Shining the Spotlight on Narrative Nonfiction for Children, Sat Oct 6, 2:30pm

Joe Ide

How to Keep Them Reading: Up the Odds That Your Book Will Be Published, Sat Oct 6, 2:30pm

Christy Karras

Two Steps Before Publishing: Editing and Finding a Pro, Sun Oct 7, 1:45pm

Gloria Kempton

The Hero's Journey for Storytellers, Fri Oct 5, 1:00-4:30pm

Discover Your Writing Niche, Sat Oct 6, 9:15am

William Kenower

Fearless Marketing, Sun Oct 7, 10:45am

Bharti Kirchner

Cultural Authenticity of Characters and Settings, Sat Oct 6, 10:45am

Michael David Lukas   

Crossing the Ocean in a Bathtub: Fundamental Elements of a Successful Novel, Fri Oct 5 Full-Day Workshop, 9:30-5:00pm

A Doorway Into a Dream: Begginnings in Fiction, Sat Oct 6, 9:15am

Kirsten Lunstrum

Echoes and Endings: Finishing Your Short Story Well, Sun Oct 7, 9:15am

Elizabeth Lyon

Point of View Matters, Sat Oct 6, 9:15am

Sink Into Setting, Sun Oct 7, 9:15am

Gary Marshall

Top Ten Things Writers Need to Know About Public Domain, Sat Oct 6, 2:30pm

Sophia McDonald Bennett

How to Become a Freelance Writer, Sun Oct 7, 9:15am

Susan V. Meyers

Jump Start Your Story, Fri Oct 5 Half-Day Workshop, 1:00-4:30pm

Dynamic Dialogue, Sat Oct 6, 10:45am

Laura Moe

Boost Emotional Engagement, Sun Oct 7, 10:45am

E.C. Murray (Elizabeth Corcoran Murray)

Write and Publish Your Book-length Memoir, Sun Oct 7, 9:15am

Nicholas O'Connell

The Magazine Story from Story Idea to Publication, Sat. 10/6, 10:45am

James Thayer

Critical Scene Techniques, Sat Oct 6, 4:00pm

Roberta Trahan, moderator

Finding Your Path to Publication (Panel Discussion), Sat Oct 6, 4:00pm

Carolyne Wright

Bringing Lives to Life: the Alchemy of Memory, Sun Oct 7, 3:15pm

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