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Conflict, Crisis, Resolution

Scott Driscoll

Craft: Fiction/Nonfiction

Stories and novels are built on conflict. Stories begin with a disturbance, a quest is launched, and at the far end of the journey waits the object of desire. But a long struggle against opposition stands in the way of the protagonist who sets off on the quest. According to Robert McKee in Story, “nothing moves forward in the story except through conflict.” Achievement of the goal at the end of the quest is an attempt to resolve this conflict. We will explore story structure, specifically how to increase the pressure of conflict to push the protagonist to take on increasing levels of risk and ultimately to arrive at a satisfying confrontation that makes the climax and the resulting resolution worth the journey.

The Hero's Journey for Storytellers

Gloria Kempton

Craft: Fiction/Nonfiction

The Hero’s Journey is learning how to identify and call out a theme (universal truth) and discovering the main character’s quest. Attendees will learn how to chart the hero's external and internal path from struggle to freedom, and how to provide him/her with allies and enemies along the way that will provoke the story’s action and the character’s transformation.

Jump Start Your Story

Susan V. Meyers

Craft: Fiction/Nonfiction

Where does a story’s energy really come from? And how can you keep it going one you begin? This hands-on workshop offers practical advice to help attendees get started, or recharge their story—whether novel or memoir—through lesser studied craft elements like momentum, shaping, time, and information release.

Write on the Sound
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 34th annual conference
October 4, 5 & 6, 2019


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