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Writers Helping Writers: How to Get the Most Out of a Writers' Group

Leslie Hall and Christine Dubois

Writer's Life

A writers’ group can help you become a better writer. But what you get out of it depends on what you put in. Two veteran writing group leaders share do’s and don’ts for group success. Learn how to give and receive feedback, find or start a group, resolve differences, and more.

Dr. Frankenstein's Character Laboratory

Craig English

Craft: Fiction/Nonfiction/Character Development

Do your characters lack life? Do they reek of potential, and yet lie on the table, offering an occasional eyelid flutter or the odd toe twitch? Or perhaps you have a character who gets up and sings “Putting on the Ritz” over and over without variation. Might as well be dead. Or maybe your characters seem to do all the things that real people do, but somehow lack that elusive dimension of depth. This workshop is designed to help you channel the lightening of psychological motivation so that your characters will rise on their own two legs and walk into the world, not merely advancing the plot but engaging the reader with their humanity.

Bringing Lives to Life: the Alchemy of Memory

Carolyne Wright

Craft: Fiction/Nonfiction/Poetry

Writers of all genres employ memory, either overtly or covertly, in fragments or in long sweeps of recollection. Class members will explore what Honor Moore calls “the mercurial nature of memory”—from life experiences, journal entries, family history, and our reflections thereon— to transform memory into a resource that we can break into, interrogate, embellish, assemble and re-assemble. Through this creative alchemy, we will turn memories, observations, and insights into story, bringing our lives to life through exercises and suggestion, discovering how to enter the alternative dimension that memory is, and learning to summon and deepen its images, moments and narratives.  The writing we create may be poetry or prose.

Audiobooks: A New Chapter for Writers

Brian Callanan

Publishing: Fiction/Nonfiction/Poetry

Audiobooks are selling at a faster rate than their e-book and print counterparts—impacting not only the way literature is consumed, but how it’s written. Emmy-winning broadcaster and Audible narrator/producer Brian Callanan explains this format’s rapid rise in popularity and how you can turn your own work into an audiobook.


Write on the Sound
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 34th annual conference
October 4, 5 & 6, 2019


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