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All Is Not Lost: Tips and Techniques for Making the Most of Your Research

Claire Gebben

Other: Fiction/Nonfiction

Whether we’re writing fiction, nonfiction, or memoir, writers do a ton of research. But only a fraction of what we’ve learned can be woven into the manuscript. How do we decide what to leave in and what to keep out? What other potential is there to make use of all the fascinating things we’ve learned? In this session, Claire Gebben explores techniques for using our research to our best advantage, both in our book projects, and beyond through marketing and presentations.

Mainstreaming of Speculative Fiction in Today's Market

Camille Griep

Publishing: Fiction/Sci-Fi/Fantasy

More and more genre fiction is making the crossover to mainstream readership. With the popularity of television and book series, how do writers capitalize on this trend? This session will discuss the latest trends in both short and long form speculative fiction, market changes, controversies and opportunities.

Boost Emotional Engagement

Laura Moe

Craft: All Genres

This session will demonstrate how authors employ "objective correlative"---the technique of evoking a particular emotion by adding texture and detail. Attendees will get tips on how to pull the reader on a journey where he/she engages emotionally in the deeper levels of the story. Please bring to class: a short scene you have written to which emotional depth could be added or edited.

Fearless Marketing

William Kenower

Marketing/Writer's Life: All Genres

Most writers’ love of storytelling does not easily translate to marketing those stories once they are published. This session will demystify the process and offer tangible takeaways and the confidence to get your story out into the world. With authors increasingly responsible for their own marketing—a task most writers find boring, irritating, depressing, and often fruitless—it’s important to keep perspective and have a solid strategy.





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 34th annual conference
October 4, 5 & 6, 2019


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