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Write and Publish Your Book-length Memoir

FACULTY CHANGE: E.C. (Elizabeth) Murray

Craft/Publishing: Nonfiction/Memoir

This fun and lively session will guide attendees in identifying a particularly compelling life event or era to shape their book-length memoir. Using published examples, we’ll discuss plot and narrative arc, characterization, dialogue, setting, historical details, the importance of research, as well as tips to consider when including family and friends in the story. The session will conclude with vital marketing and publishing information, including the book proposal, querying agents, and publishing options.

Sink Into Setting

Elizabeth Lyon

Craft: All Genres

Techniques and “tricks” will help you follow “show don’t tell” with “tell well.” We’ll practice how to slip in, or expand, setting details that reflect point of view and deepen characterization, that are placed where necessary for reader understanding and relevant to scene, that match pace and mood, and that build subtext and theme. For beginners and pros.

Echoes and Endings: Finishing Your Short Story Well

Kirsten Lunstrum

Craft: Fiction/Short Story

This short fiction workshop will consider techniques for writing the last paragraphs of a story, with particular focus on a technique writer Charles Baxter calls “rhyming action”—the repetition of like images, details, events, and phrasing within a story in order to create both narrative structure and narrative resolution. We will review examples from established authors and experiment with our own story endings.

How to Become a Freelance Writer

Sophia McDonald Bennett

Business/Writer's Life: Nonfiction

This session offers tips and tricks from a professional nonfiction writer on how to launch and sustain a successful freelance writing career.  Topics include the pros and cons of freelance work, what types of writing can you do as a freelancer, how to come up with ideas, places to publish your ideas, how to write query letters that catch editors’ attention, and what to do before you “hang out your shingle.”




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 34th annual conference
October 4, 5 & 6, 2019


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