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Exploring Villains and Villainesses, the Architects of Noir

Cara Black

Craft: Fiction/Mystery

The character we love to hate, the villain is the architect of the novel. Learn how to craft a dual timeline of your villain’s actions that don't appear on the page, driving motives, internal struggles that makes your villain memorable and relatable, and how to set up the art of misdirection, the master tool of a well-crafted villain.

Memoir Writing and Poetry

Claudia Castro Luna

Craft: Memoir/Poetry

We all have stories to tell, personal stories of growing up, of pivotal events in our lives, but we sometimes struggle trying to figure out the best way to put them in writing. Though on the surface they may appear differently, poetry and memoir have a lot more in common than we imagine. Both rely on an intuitive process of discovery and use memory as a driving associative force. In this session we will take a look at how some writers have used poetry to compose their memoirs and also generate new writing.

Critical Scene Techniques

James Thayer

Craft: Fiction

Scene structure hides itself from the reader, but successful scenes have a timeless and proven pattern, and knowing the pattern is a critical skill for authors. The presentation will cover the vital techniques for every scene, such as how to begin and end a scene, and how to move the scene forward. It will also discuss avoiding scene killers, those mistakes that make agents and editors quickly turn down the novel.

Finding Your Path to Publication Panel Discussion

Roberta Trahan, moderator, with Vaughn Sherman, Laura Anne Gilman, Camille Griep and Steve Steinberg (panelists subject to change).

Publication: All Genres

There are many options in today’s publishing market for authors who are looking to publish their work. From traditional big house and small press publishers, to independent or crowd-funded self-publishing ventures, the possibilities are seemingly endless. But how do you know which is the best route for you? The panelists will share their experiences and discuss the pros and cons. 



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 34th annual conference
October 4, 5 & 6, 2019


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