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Top Ten Things Writers Need to Know About the Public Domain

Gary Marshall

Business: All Genres

Have you ever wondered at the coy reference to "the big game" in an ad campaign? Why not call it by it's name? Did you know that, until recently, the "Happy Birthday Song" was copyright protected? Assuming what is in the public domain versus what has a copyright can get you into hot water. Many valuable resources can be freely used because they are in the public domain. But some works that seem to be in the public domain can be protected by copyright. Learn how to tell the difference.

Shining the Spotlight on Narrative Nonfiction for Children

Lois V. Harris

Craft: Nonfiction/Children's/Middle Grade

How do you take true facts and enliven a nonfiction subject for a compelling story for children? Learn how fictional elements--characterization, dialogue, narrative arc, organization/plot, point of view, voice, setting, and back story--enrich narrative nonfiction.

Mining Your Life for Laughter

Robert Balmer

Craft: All Genres

Explore humorous writings and discuss what about them makes us laugh: from exaggeration to characterization, from one-liners to irony and many other techniques. Special attention will focus on how the authors used events from their lives for humorous material. Please bring to class: something to read--a sentence, paragraph or page--of something you wrote that is funny, or something by another author.

How to Keep Them Reading: Up the Odds that Your Book Will be Published

Joe Ide

Publishing: All Genres

What does it mean to “keep them reading?” An established agent or editor has hundreds of books to choose from. A new writer has a very narrow window within which to impress a decision maker. In general, they will read no more than 25 pages before moving on.  What exactly are they looking for in those first pages? In this session attendees will learn why the first five pages are the most important ones they’ll ever write, why the quality of the writing is more important than the story idea, why character is more important than plot, and what makes the difference between a two-dimensional character and a memorable one. 





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